Young Family Build $7k Tiny Cabin in 2 Weeks

  The plans John chose to build the cabin were actually inspired by designs for sheds! The costs were kept at a minimum, due to bargain-hunting, homemade curtains and bed linens, and even trash-can diving! I think you’ll agree that the cabin is truly a work of love...

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Home Winterizing Tips To Help You Save Money

Home Winterizing Tips To Help You Save Money * Know how energy efficiency is measured. The most important energy efficiency rating is U-factor. * Investigate the new generation of high-tech building products. Composite materials, such as energy-efficient fiberglass...

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Balancing Your Decorating Ideas

The following are some basic decorating ideas for your home. Big pictures need to be alone in the wall. Two or more of medium size can be hung side by side. And many small pictures, making geometric figures, are very welcome. It is worthless to have a very...

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Ridding Homes Of Wildlife Intrusions

Winter time in the north is prime time for wildlife intrusions in your homes and barns. Squirrels, mice, raccoons and even a stray cat or two will all be on the lookout for a warm place to lay their head.

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How To Choose What Landscape Elements

Doing the landscaping on your home can seem like a menial task that no one else will ever appreciate more than you. The issue is, that the landscaping on your home will affect how your neighbors, passersby, guests and even, potential buyers view your home. It says a...

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Choosing The Best Mini Blinds For Your Windows

Do you want to get mini blinds for the windows that are in your house, but are unsure how to choose the right ones? There are a few things that you have to consider or do before you can choose your blinds with confidence.

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That May Work For You

Do you have a dull front yard? Are you considering making some #landscaping changes but you do not want to pay someone to do the work for you? Then you should consider the fact that you may be able to do this work on your own. There are some front yard landscaping...

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