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Our experienced team provides house design services for both commercial and residential projects, including bathroom and kitchen remodels, bedroom additions, and new home designs that are creative and cost-effective.

About Geza

Geza Csuros

Geza offers over 40 years of experience in house design, creative additions to your existing home, and remodeling your current space. His design career spans over three Continents, with the last fifteen years in Blue Ridge, GA, where he retired after a successful career in Naples.

Designing is a passion – his varied travels and embrace of various cultures and design elements make him a versatile designer, comfortable with diverse styles and construction methods. He continues to offer his experience in the Blue Ridge area because of his love for creative design and the art of architecture.

Geza now owns and operates the Lilly Pad Village – a fantastic place for great family fun.


Disclaimer: Geza is no longer licensed in the State of Georgia; however, residential projects do not require licensing. He is ideal for residential projects because he has an extensive construction background, structural knowledge, a flair for design, communication skills, and computer competence. Since his retirement, he has given up corporate life and enjoyed his passion, DESIGN, and CREATIVITY.
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The Design Process

Whether you want a new construction or a simple bathroom addition, our design services can be customized to your needs.

Some clients request design suggestions and 3D renderings, while others prefer complete construction documents and house plans for permitting, bidding, and building.

3D Renderings

Architectural renderings

Our photo-realistic architectural renderings are a definite plus in ensuring a successful project. They help the homeowner visualize and understand the design concept and serve as an exceptional tool for builders through the pricing and construction process.

Our renderings and 3D modeling of your project are presented as simple three-dimensional drawings to full, photo-realistic renderings.

A three-dimensional rendering can help with your kitchen or bathroom design and remodel in a few ways. First, it can help you visualize the space and how different elements will look. This can be helpful when deciding on cabinet layouts, countertop materials, and other features. Second, a three-dimensional rendering can help you test different design ideas before starting the remodel. This can save time and money in the long run by helping you to avoid mistakes and choose the best design for your space. Finally, a three-dimensional rendering can be used to create a detailed construction document that can be used by contractors during the remodel. This document can help ensure that the project stays on track and within budget.

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House Design and Architectural Renderings

Let’s Design Something

Contact us for a no-obligation, free house design consultation today! Do not forget we provide design services for new construction house design and remodeling or addition to your existing home.

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